Our Values

Actions speak loudly. Most people have good intentions, we create an experience that makes it easy to turn intention into action on things you care about.

Sharing is important. Sharing can increase the impact of something important to you, but it can also give those you care about the same great feeling you just experienced.

We love the word serendipity. We help you filter through the noise to connect with the stories, causes and organizations that matter to you. But we're also in this to help you discover new ways to have impact... and make you smile.

We believe in transparency. ActOn is a personalized experience. As you use the app, we learn your interests and preferences. This information is used to give you a personalized experience and your specific information remains between us, unless you choose otherwise.

Open over proprietary. We're committed to clear, fair, and consistent policies that allow others to add value to the ActOn platform.

Partnership pros. Creating positive social impact is too important to go it alone. We will collaborate with great organizations and individuals to mutual beneficial.

We put you in control. Whether you are an individual, a 'for purpose' organization, or an advertiser—we provide a platform that lets you create, manage, and track your own information.

We value adaptability. We've built a useful, simple platform that will ultimately become large connected network. To do this we will continuously experiment, learn and adapt.

We want to attract employees, strategic partners, investors and individuals who believe in our vision and share our passion.